Mini Yellow Taxi

I am a typical person who has this pleasure seeing picture people specially captured (actually mostly was by request), at a place which means so much to me.

This one was one of them, taken by Putri, back when she went to Manhattan, United States, represented her college for Model United Nation conference. It was February 9th 2012.




 The mini taxi that always there wherever I stay. Thanks a bunch, Put! 🙂


The Joy of Being ‘Bradshaw’

Old friends should’ve known how I love this woman, one of the character on Sex and The City.
Carrie Bradshaw.

Few years back, I grabbed so many pictures of Carrie I found on the internet.

The one with those glamorous green flourish pattern, and that long wavy blonde hair,

That one with that pair of soft pink heels,

That depressing pose after a breakup with Big (or Aidan or that artist-that-I-forgot-his-name),

Or the shot taken from her side, where Carrie was sitting on her bench, faced the laptop, changing the thought she had whole day into bunch of words for her column. (This was my favorite photo!)

I even separated her pictures into different folder, named “SATC”.

I used to think that I’m the only one who have been this obsessed to Carrie, until there came moment when I think that I should being ‘normal’. Carrie is just a story.

But, it turns out that I’m not alone, since I found this yesterday… 🙂


This was an article posted on Huffington Post, written by Leigh Weinges. As written on her page, Weinges is a TV editor at The Huffington Post.

I love how she writes everything she feels to Carrie.
I feel like I feel her, when it came to “Let’s being Carrie!”.

* I have (and still) made this dream of having a life in Manhattan so that I can witness Carrie’s life.
* Beer and cafe time with the ladies, which I do oftenly back when I was in Jakarta, with four of my friends. By the time we’re sitting at the cafe, facing each other, talking, laughing, I always think of myself as Carrie who love to have this moment with her Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda.
* I faced the moment when my curiosity regarding the relationship Carrie had with Mr. Big is beyond anything. I just dream of having that ‘big’ one.
* I used to love buying those heels who makes me look like Carrie-wanna-be. Of course the price has nothing to compare with the one you had.

Ah, I had really just want to be Carrie.

And by reading Weinges letter to Carrie, I know that I’m not alone. It’s such a release to know that somehow, someone out there having the same interest as you. Some people might see it as only a fiction, a movie, or a thing that is not even real.

But, for me, the one who had to had a final thesis based on the Research for SATC Movie’s Responce, to know that I passed the thesis defense smoothly by choosing that title, I just can’t hold the idea of loving Carrie is such an insanity. 🙂

And one more thing for being in love with Carrie, I keep pushing myself that one day I have to really make the life in that big-yellow-taxy-city! (just realized that I even make a post tag named ‘journey to carrie’)


I’m not sure if you’ve heard, Carrie, but there’s a new girl in town. Her name is Hannah Horvath. She lives in Brooklyn, she’s a writer and she can be very narcissistic. Some like her, some hate her, and everyone’s talking about her. Has she taken your place, you ask?

Abso-fuckin-lutely not (that almost worked). There will only be one Carrie Bradshaw.

Thanks for everything,

Thank you, Leigh. 🙂

About (Being) New Yorker

Reading Andy‘s blog today, I suddenly missed sharing dreams to friend. You know, when it came to this, me and Andy, sometimes with some others friend, could talk like few hours, with full of laughs and stupid thought.

One of them, is when I started to think of me as a very cool New Yorker who had a lunch at Andy’s restaurant.

That day, I was gonna call him to make an appointment and reservation, at then we would spending time talking like the one we had back in Jakarta. If I got bored talking or working, I would stop by his place just to read and have a cup of coffee. Because Andy’s restaurant would not be just a place for eat. A concept as a nice place to read, is a must. 

Then, we’re gonna laugh out loud after sharing this dream. Wondering when we will make it. But at some point, we both sure that one day we will really live it. 

I seldom do this kind of stuff recently.

First, because I still find no friend who had this kind of dream. 

Second, I probably lose the topic about what kind of dream to share. Or, I might be started to lose the guts to dream. 

Life Been Missed


Hello, it has been almost two weeks I started my new life back in hometown. I can not lie to you that I didn’t missed my previous life, especially two years back that I I’ve spent being a newspaper journalist.

Back in 2011, I started my job as a reporter for national newspaper in Jakarta. I have worked for three departments. It was weekend, sports, and Jakarta issues (Jakarta’s government policy, society, and crimes). Three of them left sweet memories for me, including the stories and friends for sure. 🙂 

The pictures below was randomly chose from many of my great experiences during the duty. These pictures kept all the memories during my work. Going here and there, chasing figure, travelling to some cities in Indonesia. All gonna kept well in my mind, for sure. It’s the most easiest thing to do now, since two years back was one of my precious moment in life. Here are some pictures!

Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Uap, near Bandung (forgot the exact name), 2011 

2011, Oktober

Aceh, Juli 2012

2012, Aceh, 19-23 Juli  (3)

2012, Aceh, 19-23 Juli  (8)

2012, Aceh, 19-23 Juli  (6)

2012, Aceh, 19-23 Juli  (2)

2012, Bali 25-27 Juli (6)

Ternate, April 2012

2012, Ternate, 19-21 April (3)

2012, Ternate, 19-21 April (2) 2012, Ternate, 19-21 April (5) 2012, Ternate, 19-21 April (6) 2012, Ternate, 19-21 April (4) 2012, Aceh, 19-23 Juli  (5)

Badminton Superliga Championship, Surabaya, Februari 2013

2013, Surabaya, Februari 2013, Surabaya, Februari  (5) 2013, Surabaya, Februari  (14)

With the… stars? 🙂

 2011, Oktober (2)2012, November2012, Oktober2012, Bali 25-27 Juli (2)

I’ve separated those pictures a month ago. Too bad, I should postpone to publish it because of no internet connection in town. But, don’t worry. Now I have the internet plugged at my house. So, hopefully I can regularly post a blog from now on. 🙂  


Desember! November!








Selalu ada yang spesial dari bulan ini. Semua kenangan setahun terulang di hari pertama bulan keduabelas ini dimulai. Termasuk di antaranya keinginan-keinginan tahun ini, tahun lalu, dan tahun-tahun sebelumnya yang terakumulasi menjadi satu, yang kemudian menguak lagi, saat Desember kembali dimulai.

Bulan pamungkas tahun ini gue habiskan dengan piket di kantor. Alhasil, gue melewatkan momen refleksi, introspeksi, evaluasi, dan semacamnya, yang gue telah rencanakan jauh-jauh hari untuk memulai hari ini. Tapi, tak apa lah. Toh, gue tetap mendapatkan kesempatan ‘merayakan’ tanggal 1 Desember (dengan mata sembab karena kantuk, plus sepotong bakwan yang ditawarkan dari mas fotografer di meja sebelah. hehe).


Belum banyak kisah yang bisa gue ceritakan untuk Desember ini. Beda halnya dengan November.

Yah, saking banyaknya cerita, gue sampai kehilangan waktu untuk bercerita di sini. Eh. Bukan kehilangan waktu deh. Lebih tepatnya, kehilangan kesempatan untuk mengetik di sini (karena keburu ngantuk begitu nyampe rumah).

Gue yang pelupa ini, tentu tidak mau kehilangan memori atas apa yang terjadi November lalu. So, let the pictures record all. 

1. Tanggal 13 November, gue berkesempatan mengunjungi Kudus. Pulang pergi sehari sih. Tapi lumayan juga. Akhirnya gue berhasil menginjakkan kaki  ke Semarang. Dari Semarang, kami rombongan ber-16 (kalau tidak salah), naik bis lagi ke Kudus. Perjalanan 2 jam dihabiskan dengan TIDUR. Maklum, pesawat paling pagi. 2 orang teman saya, Mona dan Imel, pun menginap di rumah, untuk alasan keselamatan bersama (baca : tidak tertinggal pesawat)>



Inilah tujuan kami di Kudus, mampir ke pabrik rokok Djarum. Hasilnya : pengetahuan dan skill baru, yakni melinting rokok. Lumayan, gue dapat 5 lintingan. 🙂

2. Taman Menteng
Seminggu setelahnya, gue pun berkunjung ke Taman Menteng, menemani si dia live report. Sembari dia bekerja, gue pun berjalan-jalan di taman ini. Dan, gue pun jatuh cinta. Hari itu, matahari tidak terlalu terik. Angin juga sepoi-sepoi. Jadi, enak banget. Cuma, menurut beberapa teman, suasana tak seindah itu kalau hari sudah malam. Banyak jejaka dan gadis yang pacaran. Jadi, kalau mau kesini, Minggu pagi atau siang aja. Enak kok. Bener!



– jangan pergi, uh –

3. Formula Drift
Apa alasan yang membuat gue cinta dengan pekerjaan ini? Banyak hal baru yang ditemui. Sungguh! Seumur-umur gue nggak pernah membayangkan akan hadir di lomba drifting. Drift sendiri pun baru gue kenali saat menonton film Too Fast, Too Furious, waktu, umm, SMA dulu, kalau tidak salah.

Nah, beberapa minggu lalu, gue meliput Formula Drift Asian Series, di Kemayoran. Ini adalah event internasional. Jadi, drifter yang datang pun dari luar negeri. Dari Indonesia pun banyak. Walau banyak juga yang harus gugur di babak kualifikasi.

Nah, satu-satunya wakil Indonesia yang berhasil meraih peringkat 10 besar, dari total FD yang berlangsung (Jakarta adalah seri penutup tahun ini. Sebelum di Jakarta, acara serupa sudah berlangsung di Malaysia, dan Singapura), adalah mahasiswa London School of Public Relations, Jakarta, Emmanuel Amandio. Hehe. Hidup LSPR! #FYI


All you can hear during the game is just the sound of ‘nguinnnnggggggggggggg’ and bloddy-high-speed-and-risk-driving!

4. Ngumpul
Seperti yang pernah diceritakan sebelumnya, ngumpul adalah jadwal rutin gue dan kawan-kawan seusai bekerja, alias mengetik. Ini salah satu foto narsis, kala jalanan malam Jakarta dibasahi rintik hujan. 🙂


Lokasi :McD Senayan.

5. Tenis
Apa itu tenis? Ah jangankan kamu, gue pun tidak pernah tahu macam apa itu permainan tenis, sampai akhirnya gue liputan ke turnamen tenis internasional yang berlangsung di lapangan tenis di Senayan, minggu lalu. Ternyata, SERU! Melihat perjuangan atlet-atlet itu. Ada yang dari Korea, Cina, Australia, Ceko, dan tentunya banyak petenis Indonesia.

#FYI lagi, Indonesia punya banyak atlet unggulan yang sudah dan sedang berusaha masuk ke peringkat 500 besar dunia. Tapi, syarat untuk bisa terus meningkatkan peringkat adalah, petenis ini harus mengumpulkan poin lewat turnamen internasional yang berlangsung, di manapun. Seperti halnya petenis asing yang hadir ke turnamen ini, petenis Indonesia juga kerap bertanding di negara lain.

Masalahnya, pemerintah atau siapapun itu yang berwenang untuk urusan olahraga, belum mendukung para petenis. Alhasil, petenis kita harus pergi bertanding ke negara lain, dengan uangnya sendiri. Jadi, berangkat sendiri, tanding sendiri, pulang sendiri. Kalah disorakin, menang pun belum tentu masyarakat Indonesia tahu. Padahal, yang dibawa bendera merah putih juga.  😦 Memang sih, banyak yang bilang, ini olahraga high budget ,  yang artinya hanya bisa dilakukan orang-orang berada. Tapi, kalau setahun harus mengeluarkan uang sendiri untuk lebih dari 2 kali pertandingan di luar negeri? Hmm (lagi).

Tidak heran, yang menjadi harapan mereka (hampir 95% atlet yang ditanyai waktu itu) adalah “mudah-mudahan sponsor tenis bertambah”. Belum lagi, turnamen sekelas internasional itu juga sedikittt sekali penontonnya. Entah karena kurang sponsor atau apa. Padahal, seru aja kok gamenya. Nah, berhubung, gue tidak punya kuasa mendatangkan sponsor, gue ingin mengajak teman-teman untuk jadi pendukung petenis-petenis kita aja.

Minggu ini (mulai dari 2 Desember) mereka masih akan bertanding di lapangan tenis GBK, Senayan. Finalnya, 9 Desember nanti. Gratis kok! 


Our support means a lot to them. And you, ladies!
Bet you’ll love the game, since you’re gonna find some, or many, cute tennis players there!  Aha! ❤