Will Vegas Look Like Vegas?

I admire Vegas, and so do my friends. Almost each of us is like wowing when knowing Las Vegas is on the itinerary for this West Coast trip. I myself don’t know what is obviously exciting about the city beside its glamorous and casino. All these are definitely known by watching movies like Eurotrip and Last Vegas. No wonder I am so keen on to know how the city looks like in real eyes. No wonder Vegas becomes one of the most awaiting destinations for this trip. ūüôā

I am currently in Fresno, which is 4 hours from San Francisco by bus. We may call this a transit city before we head to Las Vegas tomorrow morning through another 6 hours bus trip.

Today’s trip was, still, hillarous. The landscape that we passed by has stunned me. One of the guests said that what we looked is the same as the green scenery on Windows XP wallpaper, if you may notice. It was along the way in Monterey. How I wished to escape from the bus so I could take a proper picture of that wonderful nature’s artwork.

Not to mention the designs of the house. Oh my, I am so in love with the designs that we’ve seen so far. It is simple yet nice. Each house has its difference and so does its own character and I just feel like playing movie inside my mind about how the family live within the house like that (blame it on Cougar Town, Desperate Housewives, and other American series). The gardens are well taken care and it all just looks very calming. These all things make me wonder that all Americans have been inherited with Martha Stewart’s skill and soul.

And also the parking lots (which you may find not necessary to explore or to jot down in this post). You know, the scenes where each neighbor communicates one to another through the garden or right after they have the car parked? Now I know how can that scene occurs in the real life. I wish to picture delicate photos of the house but we just passed by the place that I mentioned so the picture wasn’t that good enough to see.

The scenes in the series I watched have been proven by today’s sightseeing. Now I can’t wait to see the Real Vegas. How would it look like? Will it be the city of lights as what Robert de Niro and friends saw on Last Vegas? Will the city full sexy ladies and hot guys? Will parties be thrown in every edge of the city? I am so curious to know as you are.

However, despite of all happiness, something is missing from this trip. Yes, we still miss our dad. No matter how fun it is, we just miss to hear and share these whole stories with him. Includes the part whether Vegas will look like Vegas, or not. ūüôā






First ‘Double-Christmas’

Christmas day has always caught my attention though I don’t celebrate it. The trees, the snow, the mistletoe, the kids, the Saints, the greetings, and everything.
So, to have this day celebrated twice is even more thrilling.

December 25th 2014,
I am celebrating the day (for the second time after the previous day in my home country) in the country that I’ve been dreaming of to visit, from kindergarten to high school time, to college time, to office time.
I smirked on the plane when realized that I was travelling half a globe, half this world. This might sound provincial or kampungan as how it sounds. But I am sure that to have this kind of day coming to you, doing the same thing and smile is way tolerable.

So, Merry Christmas, from San Francisco.

The city is beautiful. ‘City of hills’ will be the way I call this first city we stopped by, since it is surrounded by hills everywhere. You can easily find an up and down roads along the city with the houses that lying at each side. This remind me of Santorini (referring to plenty of pictures I saw) that may look like this in its more magical and beautiful way. I also remember a small town in Ternate, Nusa Tenggara Timur, eastern side of Indonesia, who has exactly the same landscape as this city.

If I may, I’d like to ask for more catching up with the people rather than the touring routines. And of course, more non mainstream landmarks including those more young and hip bars or cafes to go. If I may.

I will have so much to remember from this wonderful trip, and I wish to write more in the upcoming days.



Merry Christmas for all dear friends who celebrate! ūüôā

Ulang Kembali

Tadi pagi, tiba-tiba saya terpikirkan beberapa momen seru yang saya alami semasa hidup. Di antaranya: waktu travelling bersama teman-teman ke Bali, waktu kuliah di Surabaya, jalan-jalan dengan keponakan di Banjarmasin, hingga keriaan saat pertama kali menginjakkan kaki di bandara Narita-Jepang yang bahkan sudah berlalu lima tahun lalu.

Memikirkan peristiwa menyenangkan memang bisa bikin senang. Namun, kalau diturutin terus, senang-nya lama-lama malah bikin sedih.

Sedih karena sekarang saya ada di rumah, bukan di Bali. Sedih karena saya sudah di fase pekerja, tidak lagi mahasiswa yang perlu atau bisa lembur dan haha-hihi atau mampir ke McD jam 3 pagi pasca belajar ngebut semalam dengan teman-teman di Surabaya. Sedih karena keponakan sedang berkumpul dengan adik-adiknya di lain kota, bukan sedang liburan ke kota saya. Sedih karena dinginnya Jepang tidak bisa saya gantikan dengan pekatnya panas di kota Pontianak.

Tapi, kalau terus berhenti di tangga ‘ingin mengulang kembali’, kok rasanya kurang bijak juga ya?

Apalagi kalau ingat¬†kata-kata orang pintar yang bilang¬†life must go on,¬†atau¬†yang berlalu biarlah berlalu,¬†atau¬†you can’t always hang on your past¬†because your¬†life is the present.¬†

Di akhir perenungan saya tadi pagi, sebenarnya yang paling pengen saya ulang adalah, apa lagi, kalau bukan kebersamaan bersama si Papa. Sayangnya, sama halnya dengan serbuan ke McD atau jejak kaki di Jepang, kesempatan bersama Papa juga nggak bisa diulang kembali berapapun¬†pengennya saya. (Termasuk membuang jauh-jauh keinginan untuk ‘mengeluarkan’ Papa dari fotonya.¬†Hehe.)

Kalau sudah begitu, lebih baik kita berdoa saja supaya diberikan memori dengan kapasitas tinggi supaya kenangan indah apapun bisa tersimpan rapi di ingatan, dan dimainkan ulang dengan jelas kapanpun kita inginkan.

Ya, seperti Mind Palace-nya Sherlock.

It’s never there, but you know it’s there.¬†


Thanks for the invention of the camera that has kept all the memories within the pictures so well. 

Oh yah, menulis juga bermanfaat untuk buang kangen. =) 


My First Happy Father’s Day

Friends on Facebook and Path post their pictures with their fathers today, wishing¬†their beloved Daddys a “Happy Father’s Day”.

Now, let me write mine.


Dear Pak Wongso,

Sorry that I have never said this to you my whole life.
So, let me start this note by wishing you “Happy Father’s Day”.

Your leaving last week was very surprising.
Mom, brothers, family, friends all were surprised.
That Sunday morning, you still ordered a meat from the butcher near our house, to be cooked on Monday.
This we knew from the old ‘a cek’¬†who was very shocked to hear the news about you last week.
I bet you’d planned to cook us a pot of your¬†most favorite pork soup¬†to welcome me and Mom who just arrived at¬†home from Jakarta on Sunday night.
Ah, still, you are the best chef I know!

Losing you this way is very upsetting.
It’s not that I feel upset with you.
Instead I feel upset with myself.
Too much good things that I haven’t given and told you.
I wish for many “I wish”.
But, I know that you will have listened to my prayers everyday.
Hopefully you are happy listening to all the good and funny things I’ve told you these few days.

Some people keep on asking us whether there is this ‘appearance’ from you.
I watched many horror movies so I wish you’ll understand that I also visualized something creepy.
But, they have no idea how¬†I wish to¬†see you’re sitting at your favorite chair again,
Turning on the Chinese TV channels at its highest volume,
Or yelling at me because you didn’t consider it as ‘yelling’ as your hearing ability had significantly decreased within this past year,
And, seeing you waving your hands to me from through door when I was driving the car away.
I miss the last one the most.

However, I know that you love us very much so you won’t let¬†that ‘creepy’ things happen.
I told mom that you will fight all ‘the bad things’ that try to bother¬†us. =)
Besides, I don’t believe in such things though.
Thus, I always visualize your presence myself.
It works so far.
Yes, I do feel frightened, but it only last for a few seconds.
I feel happier though to still can feel you at home.

Dear Pak Wongso,

Our home is very quiet since your leaving,
Wherever you are now,
I hope that you are happy with your present life.
I know that you will because you have many good friends there.
You won’t feel lonely because you have met¬†many friends who have gone earlier, those whom you can talk about politics or China or your young life to, the topic that you love the most.

Dear Pak Wongso,

Thanks for being the greatest dad for us all.
You have to know of how proud we are for having you as our dad.
With all journey and days that we have spent together,
You will always stay in our heart.


One more thing.

Now I know why I love writing,
Beside it’s mom’s hobby,
It is also yours.
I found that you wrote many notes on the books or papers.
You even wrote down the countries that Jokowi will visit when he becomes a president,
I think you read that from the newspaper and had it written as a reminder.
This is so funny of you.

Happy Father’s Day, Papa.

We love you.
Take a good care of yourself.
You always have us wherever you are right now.





What Mom Loves, I Love

Mom loves to write everything down.
At her teenage, she used to dream of being a writer.



Maybe that is the reason why I am into this writing stuff.