Will Vegas Look Like Vegas?

I admire Vegas, and so do my friends. Almost each of us is like wowing when knowing Las Vegas is on the itinerary for this West Coast trip. I myself don't know what is obviously exciting about the city beside its glamorous and casino. All these are definitely known by watching movies like Eurotrip and … Continue reading Will Vegas Look Like Vegas?


First ‘Double-Christmas’

Christmas day has always caught my attention though I don't celebrate it. The trees, the snow, the mistletoe, the kids, the Saints, the greetings, and everything. So, to have this day celebrated twice is even more thrilling. Today, December 25th 2014, I am celebrating the day (for the second time after the previous day in … Continue reading First ‘Double-Christmas’

Ulang Kembali

Tadi pagi, tiba-tiba saya terpikirkan beberapa momen seru yang saya alami semasa hidup. Di antaranya: waktu travelling bersama teman-teman ke Bali, waktu kuliah di Surabaya, jalan-jalan dengan keponakan di Banjarmasin, hingga keriaan saat pertama kali menginjakkan kaki di bandara Narita-Jepang yang bahkan sudah berlalu lima tahun lalu. Memikirkan peristiwa menyenangkan memang bisa bikin senang. Namun, … Continue reading Ulang Kembali

My First Happy Father’s Day

Friends on Facebook and Path post their pictures with their fathers today, wishing their beloved Daddys a "Happy Father's Day". Now, let me write mine. ** Dear Pak Wongso, Sorry that I have never said this to you my whole life. So, let me start this note by wishing you "Happy Father's Day". *hug Your leaving … Continue reading My First Happy Father’s Day