Those Who Travel…

... are the richest!  Few friends of mine are having their trips now. Some for work, some for vacation. Some abroad, some local. Seeing their pictures on Instagram and Facebook makes me think of "how lucky they are to be able to travel", especially when everyone (and me alone) have to sit quiet and nicely … Continue reading Those Who Travel…


Before May

Good moments don't come often and tonight I feel like framing it here.  These are few good things happened this year. Such a short reminder about how these pass 5 months have been well-spent with many lovely people. Well-spent enough that the small cracks shouldn't tear you down. Life is good and better when you have a way to embrace … Continue reading Before May

Overtime Alert

Sometimes a question doesn't need an answer,  As when you see illogical things that is probably logic, As when you meet persons unreal but real, As when you find enemies which set you in between love and hate relationship, As when you buy the greasy fried chicken with the best flavor in town, As when you … Continue reading Overtime Alert

The Eyes, Not The Phone

Let's say thank you to smartphone, any messenger application, good internet connection, which have taken down all the barriers in communication. People no longer need to feel they are apart because of the Whatsapp, Line video call, Skype, and you name it. Those who live at a small town don't need to worry of missing any new … Continue reading The Eyes, Not The Phone

I Thank 28!

I thank this year for giving me such precious experiences in work, friendship, and community. I thank this year for giving me a humble life and thoughtful mind to go through whatever obstacles that come pass by. I thank this year for allowing me to meet many new friends, new colleagues, new teams. I thank this … Continue reading I Thank 28!