It’s Time

Some people said hope is the last thing you should do,
Since (most of the time) it works against you.

Yet this time,
I love how hope has brought me here.

IMG_4481Guangzhou, Summer June 2015

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  1. Gara says:

    The power of hope and faith is indeed, very strong :)).

    1. vinnydubidu says:

      Yes, it is. Be thankful if you still can rely on it, Gara. =)

      1. Gara says:

        Of course :)).

  2. Hope.
    Some said that it is like the fire on a candle. Once it out, it is gone completely.

    1. vinnydubidu says:

      Or it better works like the candle which light the life forever. Not the one that completely gone. =)).

  3. nyonyasepatu says:

    Viny, kamu lagi di Guangzhou yaaaa

    1. vinnydubidu says:

      Iya, Mbak. Bentar lagi pulanggg. :(.

      1. nyonyasepatu says:

        Yah kirain ampe taon depan haha

        1. vinnydubidu says:

          Enggak, Mbaa. Ada kemungkinan ktmuan kah kalau sampe taun depannn? Hihi.

          1. nyonyasepatu says:

            Hihi maunya yaaaa :)

          2. vinnydubidu says:

            Aminnn kesampean yaa :))

  4. winnymarch says:

    Guangzhou bersih ya kka

    1. vinnydubidu says:

      Iya, Winny, khususnya tempat umum. Lebih terjaga karena ada petugas bersih-bersih yang siap siaga hehe. =)

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