here is the sensation of having your birthday today!

where everybody’s like connecting one to another, with no more boundaries

which i love sooooooo much!

the moment when you got like more than hundred greetings from your friends

through twitter


or short messages (kinda less)

this is WOW!

some might be broken-hearted,
some might just losing their money,
some might get mad after a fight with boy/girlfriend,
some might just get home after long way traffic,
some might be exhausted after all day working,
oh and some other possiblities.

but no matter what,
they’re just come to stop by for a several minutes in those twitter or facebook pages,
typing a kind of
“Happy birthday. WYOTB”,
or some others,
and send it to you.

so, this is where I am right now,
reading all those messages, text for this 22 birthday.

and I am goddamn happy.
to feel like many people come to wish you something on your birthday.
and it’s like, A LOT!

I guess I feel love tonight.

I mean, yeah, frankly said, real love.
not the one coming from someone,
but coming from everyone, everybody!
who dare to say that it ain’t love?

(they curse you instead if it ain’t love, isn’t it? haha)

well, here still where I am,
sitting on my blue bed, with my laptop, playing all those Buble songs,
still checking for who’s the next buddy sending birthday greeting to me.

and all I can say is.





















(actually, sometimes reading all those wishes are kinda depressed.
for me, your wishes are my commands.
thank for reminding me to make it come true along this year! haha)

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Andy says:

    Coba cek rekening. Ang pao udah ditransfer belom? Hahahaha… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TANTEEEEEE…!!!!

  2. Davy Vy says:

    :) :) :) :)

    bacanya berasa girang gurindang meluap-luap dari ujung sana.
    turut senang! :)

  3. syelly says:

    kurang lampiran foto ya beb.. hahaha

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